Codename Design: What We Do
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What we do

Strategy to Pixels

Every project comes with it’s own layers of complexity. Whether you’re part of a larger institution building digital projects or a startup  trying to find product-market fit, we work with you to define, design and deliver a project that works and grows with you.

Because we understand the big picture at a detailed level, we get the details right in a big way and are committed to satisfying all technicalities. We can plug into your team, tackle the whole project or handle a smaller portion.

Large Projects

Large scale projects have their own set of unique requirements. We’ll work with you to define product strategy and clarify and prioritize complex requirements. Then we’ll provide UX, UI and design.

Throughout the project, we will work alongside your team to manage the design aspects of product delivery and ensure that all aspects of the project are executed seamlessly with care, while guiding your team through launch and beyond.

Most of our larger projects deal with copious amounts of content for educational or not-for-profit clients. Our strength? Making complex content structures easy to understand and navigate.

Start Ups

We started as the design and product team behind We get the demands of a startup – from the lean and agile methodologies needed to get through the early stages of launching a new product, to finding product-market fit and finally how it impacts what you need from your design team.

If you’re a small team starting out with a big idea we can help get you on the right track by providing the assets you need to raise seed funds and define and test for product-market fit. We’ve helped dozens of startups get to their next stage of growth; from seed stage through to A rounds of $10 million and more. We provide everything from strategy pitch decks to integrated UX UI to design services for integrated web products and apps.

Designing digital products is our bread and butter, but the principles at Codename Design have a combined 50 years of design experience delivering everything from web projects and apps to print design, branding and interiors. Aside from design work here’s a look at what else we do:

Web Design

Web design is more than just websites. These days most of what we’re asked to do is essentially build products for the web, but for arguments sake, let’s call them highly functional websites. Web means mobile first — and we’ve got the experience to know what works. Our UX, UI and design chops allow us to create easy-to-use websites that communicate clearly. Due to our past involvement in leading large and often distributed teams, we’ve developed expertise in delivering products in high-pressure environments. We can either provide development services or plug into your team of developers.

Print and Identity

As you might guess we’re not just RGB, we are also CMYK. If it’s an identity you need we understand how all the pieces fit into the larger story that you’re trying to tell. We’ve provided clients with packages that include: logo design, business cards, advertising design for magazines, posters for events and even book covers to go along with their integrated campaigns. We’ve even attacked the walls of their offices… see below.


There’s more to an identity than a logo. Your space says a lot about who you are and what kind of team you’re building. From space planning to graphics it’s all part of what makes your team uniquely ‘your team’. Most startups outgrow their spaces but there are inexpensive ways to make your space your own and grow into it. Check out some of the work we did for GrowLab and Launch Academy in Vancouver, BC.


What good is your swag if nobody wears it? At Codename Design we’ve been supplying our clients with custom t-shirts for years. You’ll get a custom t-shirt design inspired by your brand and your event, printed on quality cotton shirts, delivered to (pretty much) anywhere, and you’ll end up with something that people will actually wear. We’ve seen it in action and we’ve even won a few Threadless awards for our ts. If you need refills, we’ve even got a shop so you can reorder.