Neurio - Codename
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Codename was asked to plug into Vancouver-based Internet of things startup We integrated into the team to move their development team into an agile methodology. We originally set up the sprints coach the team and took over product management for the first three sprints to get the team on track.

We worked from existing features and provided a plan to transition their feature-driven development process to an agile one. The existing roadmap and feature was re-stated from  a user-centered point and we lead the design and product management to help meet a tight deadline over a 6 sprint period to meet existing commitments. After successfully meeting the deadline we then undertook a redesign of the display layer of the product to consolidate the web and app components into a unified look and feel.

Client: Neurio
Completed: June 2015
Codename: Discovery / User Experience / Web Design

Apps, Web