Launch Academy - Codename
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Launch Academy

A scientist and an astronaut walk into a bar…

…I’ll stop there, you know the rest. This is just the first phase of the Office Design for the space shared by GrowLab and Launch Academy, designed to help inject some of that “start-up culture” into the space fitting of the two leading technology accelerators in Vancouver.

We were challenged by the client to bring a consistent approach to the entire office design, and help set the tone for the many early-stage start-ups that are hosted by both GrowLab and Launch Academy. Even though the office needed to keep a singe aesthetic we still needed to set out different zones in the open floor plan for both of them to call their own. “What’s mine is ours… but it’s also mine…”
Client: Launch Academy / GrowLab
Codename: Space planning / Creative Direction / Copy Writing / Graphic Design

Sandbox Signs and Graphics: Decal cutting and installation
Fusion Woodwork: CNC cutting

Branding, Interiors