Indigenous Guardians Toolkit - Codename
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Indigenous Guardians Toolkit

The Indigenous Guardians Toolkit is a central repository for resources and experiences that empower Indigenous communities to manage ancestral lands according to traditional laws and values. Guardians are employed as the “eyes on the ground” that monitor ecological health, maintain cultural sites and protect sensitive areas and species.

After a deep dive into the content what emerged was the need to create an experience where the independent resources – in the forms of stories, checklists, templates, quotes and more – could be woven into a living document that grows as new knowledge is added. The toolkit needed to be understood as a whole while maintaining the independent origin of the parts. What resulted is a toolkit that can be navigated and downloaded in its entirety, by chapter or as discreet resources. The modularization of the content also allows the toolkit to be optimized for viewing on mobile devices and in low-bandwidth areas.

The independent resources were also designed in conjunction with a social media effort that allowed sharing of the independent resources which are legible on their own but link back to the entire document.

: Indigenous Guardians Toolkit
Completed: October 2016
Codename: Discovery / User Experience / Web Design