Codename Design | How We Work
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How we work

Each project is different, but here’s what it often looks like when we work together from strategy to pixels (and beyond):

Listen, Discover and Understand the Context

A proper discovery phase is key to understanding the project and ultimately agreeing on needs, core values, goals and priorities. One of the advantages of using a design team, like us, that works from end-to-end is that the discovery phase is a means to an end, and not a project in itself. Our goal is to have a discovery process that’s efficient and above all actionable. By the end of the discovery phase we’ll know what we’re building so we can minimize surprises along the way and provide more accurate cost and time estimates.

At Codename Design, discovery is a fixed-fee. You’ll know exactly what to expect and we’ll all know whether or not we make a great partnership. It’s a good place to start. So far, we have a 100% track record of taking projects from discovery all the way to the finish line, but if we don’t, you’ll have the documentation you need to take it from there.

Model Solutions

Codename Design will bring your project to life as soon as possible. You’ll see lots of sketching and diagrams. We want you to see the material early and often, so you can see where we’re headed from an information architecture, requirements and user experience design perspective. We tend not to pitch because we prefer to fold our clients into our process, therefore encouraging feedback from the early stages.

We do user side information architecture at this stage to ensure that content is well organized for your audience before modelling out the content and features. We also identify user paths, interactions and relations between users and your content. Creating wireframes, designing mockups and building prototypes ensures the team can get a shared understanding of the product and give feedback on work in progress. Then, we’ll stir and repeat in order to accomplish the right mix.

Execute With Care

The nature of web projects is constantly evolving. Most of the time we’re not building web sites in the traditional sense, instead we’re building products and working with you in an ongoing way.

In an agile environment we deliver work on a sprint-by-sprint basis, working with the development team to produce assets, specs and mockups in step with the team. From there we review and run tests to confirm that the big picture ideas are being translated to the detail level.

Other projects work better with a more traditional schedule, in that case we can hand-off all of the assets at once or in phases.

Regardless the project structure, the same attention to detail and follow through is applied — design management to launch and beyond is part of what we do.

The Agile Project

Projects that follow lean and agile principles need a contract structure to allows that to happen. We’ve developed a proven agile contract model that works in a fluid method to allow for on the fly changes. Our project model allows you to adjust how much time you need from us on a monthly basis and we can be responsive when your project finds new opportunities and priorities without having to re-estimate.

The best part? You get a predictable return with a team that has vast experience with building new products. The result is a build-measure-learn environment that’s critical to the success of a product.

Fixed Fee

If a fixed-fee better suits your needs we can arrange it. Some projects such as print and identity projects often make more sense in a traditional fixed-fee setup. After the  discovery process is complete you’ll have a clear idea of what’s needed and we’ll have a clear idea of what needs to be built. Together, we can decide the best way to move forward. Sometimes this means phasing projects in which we prioritize deliverables in the order you need them while staying within your budget.