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Product design for the web and apps

What We Do

Codename Design works alongside startups and larger clients to design and deliver apps and products for the web. With over 50 years of combined design experience, our team provides UX, UI and graphic design, working closely with you to define product strategy and clarify complex requirements. We also manage the design aspects of product delivery to ensure your project is executed seamlessly from the production phase to launch and beyond.

Designing digital products is where we start, but it’s only the beginning. We do print projects, identity design, brand interiors and much more — see the specifics here.

Featured Clients

Codename Design entered into our project midstream, but through their strategic vision and ability to implement clear and focused design, to the pixel, analyzing and understanding a project at multiple levels, steered us to a product well beyond our expectations. They have become invaluable members of our project team.

Project Director

Featured Projects

View a small sample of the projects we’re currently working on or have recently finished.


Sometimes it takes a village. Here are some teams we work with often on larger projects: